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"Because I take great pride in everything I do, it's only natural that I strive

to bring quality to each task I perform, whether large or small."    

                                                                                -- Angela Smith, Owner of Accu-Assist

About the Owner


Hello! I'm Angela Smith, proud owner of Accu-Assist. I established my virtual assistance practice in order to combine my diverse interests and experience into a single tailor-made career. By blending together my love for architecture and design, proofreading and editing, desktop publishing, administrative support, and Internet technology, I am able to offer a variety of services to small business owners and entrepreneurs.


Education & Experience


I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the College of Architecture at Kansas State University, where I earned a five-year Bachelor of Interior Architecture degree. My early work experience was in the architectural and computer-aided drafting fields, and I also accumulated several years of administrative experience prior to graduating from college. I have provided support to various industries, including education, architecture, engineering, general contracting, manufacturing, and sales.

Skills & Interests


In addition to attaining a high level of skill as an AutoCAD technician, I have gained six years of experience coordinating architectural drawings. While architecture is my first love, many of my abilities and interests lie outside the architectural field. I enjoy writing and have excellent proofreading and editing skills. I also have an eye for graphic design and take pleasure in preparing visual presentations and marketing materials. I am quite systematic by nature, so I have always appreciated the processes and methods that come along with administrative work. I also have a keen interest in all things related to the Internet, so virtual assistance is a natural fit for me!


Character & Values


I believe that my personal character traits and values contribute to  my ability to produce exceptional work on a consistent basis. I am  extremely organized, efficient, and work well under pressure. I am also dependable, conscientious, and have a great attitude. Because I take great pride in everything I do, it's only natural that I strive to bring quality to each task I perform, whether large or small. My colleagues know me for my unwavering work ethic, diligence, and commitment to getting the job done--no matter what it takes.

I operate Accu-Assist on a full-time basis and focus my complete attention on my clients' needs. I currently reside in Springfield, Missouri, with my husband, Justin, who works in the information technology field.


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