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Grammar Tips & Tidbits Archive


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Grammar Tips & Tidbits Archive

A lot vs. Allot vs. Alot

Abbreviations: Acronyms & Initialisms

Abbreviations: When to use A or An?

Academic Degrees & Professional Designations


Accept or Except?


Advance vs. Advanced


Adverse vs. Averse

Advice or Advise?

Affect or Effect?


Age vs. Aged


Altar vs. Alter

Apostrophes: Part I

Apostrophes: Part II

Apostrophes: Part III

Apostrophes: Part IV

Apostrophes: Part V

Apostrophes in Holiday Names

Bare vs. Bear


Base vs. Bass

Beginning Sentences with "And" or But"


Capitalization: Part I

Capitalization: Part II

Capitalization in Titles and Headings - Part I

Capitalization in Titles and Headings - Part II

Cavalry vs. Calvary

Colons: Part I

Colons: Part II

Compliment v. Complement

Computer Terminology & InterCaps


Computer Terms: E-mail, e-mail, or email?


Computer Terms: Web site, web site, or website?

Commas: Overview


Commas: Serial Commas

Comma Confusion: Direct Address

Comma Confusion: Series Containing Conjunctions

Comma Confusion: The Word "Too"

Comma Confusion: Abbreviations

Comma Confusion: When Not to Use Commas


Cord vs. Chord






Daylight Saving Time

Double Negatives


Ensure vs. Insure

Flair vs. Flare

Gerunds and Possessive Case


If, Wish, and As If Clauses

It's or Its?

Holiday Names - Apostrophes


Lead vs. Led


Misspellings in Everyday Expressions I

Misspellings in Everyday Expressions II


Misspellings in Everyday Expressions III

Misspellings in Everyday Expressions IV


Misspellings in Everyday Expressions V


Numbers: Part I

Numbers: Part II

Numbers: Part III

Hyphens: Part I

Hyphens: Part II

Lay & Lie: Part I

Lay & Lie: Part II


Morning vs. Mourning

One Word or Two? Part I

One Word or Two? Part II

One Word or Two? Part III - Quiz Time!

One Word or Two? Part IV

One Word or Two? Part V - Quiz Time!

Pour vs. Pore


Plural Forms of Compound Words


Plurals of Last Names


Premier vs. Premiere

Prepositions at the End of a Sentence

Prepositions - Eliminating Unnecessary


Principle vs. Principal

Rein vs. Reign

Ring vs. Wring

Role vs. Roll

Quotation Marks & Punctuation - Part I


Quotation Marks & Punctuation - Part II


Quotation Marks & Punctuation - Part III



Shear vs. Sheer

Sight, Site, and Cite

Sordid vs. Sorted


Spaces Between Sentences

Stationary v. Stationery

Subjects and Verbs - Part I

Subjects and Verbs - Part II

Subjects and Verbs - Part III

Then or Than?

They're, Their, and There

Typos & Proofreading Techniques - Part I

Typos & Proofreading Techniques - Part II

Verbs: Singular or Plural?

Wander vs. Wonder

Wary vs. Weary vs. Leery

Wave vs. Waive

Weather vs. Whether

Which or That?


Who or Whom?


Your or You're