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Grammar Tips & Tidbits


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Your & You're: Two Easily Confused Words


Welcome to the inaugural edition of Grammar Tips & Tidbits! Thank you for subscribing. Hopefully I can help you brush up on those pesky rules of grammar a few words at a time!

I would like to dedicate this first edition to two of the most mixed up words in the English language: your and you’re. When you are deeply engrossed in what you're writing, it’s very easy to use the wrong word since your thoughts are on the content. The first step to eliminating grammar mistakes is to automatically switch into "hyper-alert mode" when you're writing. Any time you type the words your or you're, a little red flag should go up in your brain that says "CAUTION!"

Once your internal red flag alerts you to a potential grammar error, it is fairly easy to decide which word is the correct one to use. Simply substitute the words "you are" in the sentence you're writing. If it still makes sense, you can proceed to use you're, which is the contraction for you are. If the sentence doesn't make sense anymore, you should always use your, which indicates possession.

I hope this doesn't boggle your brain! After all, it wouldn't have made sense if I had said, "I hope this doesn't boggle you are brain!"


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