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Advice & Advise

The words advice and advise are often mixed up, which is quite understandable since they have similar spellings and meanings.

Interestingly, these words are rarely interchanged when spoken. Most people correctly use advice as a noun and advise as a verb, even if they've never considered their parts of speech before. So why do people have trouble when writing these words?

As is typical in the English language, these words are not spelled as they sound. The "C" in advice takes on an "S" sound, and the "S" in advise takes on a "Z" sound. If the words were spelled phonetically, we would have advise and advize. But they're not spelled this way, so let's get back to reality!

The word advice is used far more often in everyday language than its counterpart. When you ask for someone's opinion, you're asking for advice. When you're giving someone a recommendation, you're still giving advice. But you're also advising. Differentiating between the two can be confusing, but if you consider the parts of speech before making the choice, it will be much easier. Advice is a noun; advise is a verb. Besides, you certainly aren't advicing!

The word advise is used less often, but it still has its place, especially in the world of business. You might say, "Please advise me on how you would like to proceed" or "I would advise you to start saving your money."

Typically, the word advise is incorrectly used in place of advice, and not the other way around. Someone might mistakenly write, "Thank you for the wonderful advise" or "I would like to ask your advise." Avoid doing this, and you've won half the battle!

I would advise that you take this advice to heart!

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