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Plurals of Last Names

It's that time of year again—time to start preparing your holiday cards!

As someone who is paid to be picky, I tend to notice minor details that most people don't. I choose to "overlook" most of the everyday mistakes I spot, but I must admit to having a few pet peeves. For example, misplaced apostrophes really irk me, especially when they pop up in words that are meant to be plural, not possessive.

Holiday cards provide a perfect example of this. I can't tell you how many cards I receive where an unnecessary apostrophe has been added to the family's last name. I'm sure you've received them too:

●  Happy Holidays ~ The White's  (should be The Whites)

●  Season's Greetings ~ The Walkers' (should be The Walkers)

●  Happy Hanukkah ~ The Feldmans'  (should be The Feldmans)

●  Merry Christmas ~ The Hastings' Family (should be The Hastings

In the examples above, the last names are not possessive, so they shouldn't include apostrophes. The only time an apostrophe is required in a last name is when that person (or family) owns something:

●  Mrs. White's truck (singular)  /  the Whites' truck (plural)

●  Mr. Walker's boat (singular)  /  the Walkers' boat (plural)

●  Miss Feldman's dog (singular)  /  the Feldmans' dog (plural)

●  Dr. Hastings' pool (singular)  /  the Hastings' pool (plural)

    Note: Although awkward, some style guides recommend using
   "Dr. Hastings's pool"  and "the Hastingses' pool" in the above example.

As you sit down to write your holiday cards this year, I hope this tip serves as a friendly reminder to refrain from adding an apostrophe to your family's last name. The "Grammar Nazi" on your list will thank you. Happy Holidays!

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